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Our Impact

Our work improves local economies, but our responsibilities extend beyond


Upward angle view of large tree from the ground
“Beechbrook helps us support excellent British businesses to achieve their growth ambitions. Investing with them makes a real difference to local communities.”
British Business Investments (a British Business Bank subsidiary)

Local and wider impact

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We take pride in the powerful ‘knock-on’ effect of our work.

When we grow our clients’ businesses, we put them in the position to support and grow their local community.

See how our work supports our clients in making a positive impact below.

ESG showcases

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We hold ourselves accountable for our impact, and hold others accountable for theirs. We:

  • Are a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.
  • Regularly update investors on our ESG efforts.
  • Have an ESG team dedicated to measuring and monitoring our ESG-related activities.
Forest of tall thin trees
Upward angle view of large tree from the ground

When we take on a client we:

  • Vet them for any potential adverse ESG impact.
  • Encourage sustainable business practices.
  • Monitor ESG metrics as per our ESG policy.
Upward angle view of large tree from the ground
Read our ESG policy
Beechbrook Capital